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Bootlegger's Compostable Pods

Bootlegger's Compostable Pods

Bootlegger Coffee Company introduced a fully compostable coffee capsule, a collaboration with 4WKS that aligns with our commitment to sustainability.

Key Points

Sustainability Focus: We've shifted our attention to the millions of daily coffee pod users in South Africa, aiming to reshape habits and waste awareness.

Comprehensive Compostability: Our pods, including the shell, lid, and packaging, are designed to return to the earth naturally.

Taste and Consistency: After a two-year trial, our compostable capsules maintain consistent extraction rates while delivering a more flavourful espresso shot.



Capsule Lid: Made from vegetable fibre paper, printed with edible ink.

Capsule Shell: Made from biomaterial ensuring complete compostability.

Certification: Home compostable, breaking down naturally into nutritious compost when disposed of correctly.

Compatibility: Nespresso compatible for your convenience.


Shop our 4WKS compostable pods here 

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