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Eighty thousand tonnes of plastic leaks into our oceans from rivers and storm water drain networks annually. Within the first 24 hours of our installation, storm water nets along the Atlantic Sea Board caught 17 bags of waste, and continue to intercept roughly 3kgs of plastic per day.

We have partnered with the Pristine Earth Collective’s Pristine Pathways campaign to install eight litter nets in Sea Point. While the concept of using nets may not be unique, the Pristine Pathways campaign is the first to have a consistent maintenance plan for the nets and beaches, while also creating reciprocal employment opportunities.

The nets were installed on 16 August 2022 and are emptied and cleaned four days a week, also creating employment opportunities. These nets were made by Shark Spotters from upcycled redundant anchovy nets, further enforcing our commitment to the environment.

Read more about it on the Pristine Collective website: https://pristinecollective.com/projects/pp-sea-point
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