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The Rise of Decaf

The Rise of Decaf

In the world of coffee, the rise of decaf is not just a passing trend but a movement towards a more conscientious caffeine-free cup. But why should you care? Let's explore why decaf is getting more popular and why it's more than just a caffeine substitute.

Natural Ethyl Acetate Process

In collaboration with DESCAFECOL (DC), Bootlegger employs a natural Ethyl Acetate (EA) and water process for decaffeination. This innovative method effectively removes caffeine while maintaining the natural structure of the coffee bean cells. By utilizing the water-EA process, we achieve gentle caffeine extraction without subjecting the beans to excessive heat or pressure, resulting in a decaf coffee that retains its aromatic richness and taste.

Fun fact: a ripe banana contains about 20 times more natural Ethyl Acetate (EA) than our decaffeinated coffee!
Quality Assurance 

At DESCAFECOL, meticulous quality control measures ensure that our decaffeination process meets the highest standards. The moisture content of our decaffeinated coffee beans is meticulously restored to a maximum of 12%, with 97% of caffeine removed. Residual caffeine levels are kept minimal, meeting European standards and allowing for further reduction to as low as 0.03% if desired.
The Journey from the Bean

The decaffeination journey begins with steaming the green coffee beans to remove silver skins, followed by a gentle moistening with hot water to initiate caffeine hydrolysis. The beans are then thoroughly washed with natural Ethyl Acetate to remove caffeine, followed by the careful removal of residual EA using low-pressure saturated steam. After undergoing vacuum drying to adjust moisture levels, the beans are polished with carnauba wax for added protection and visual appeal.
The Finishing Touch

Once the decaffeination process is complete, Bootlegger Decaf is meticulously packed in GrainPro bags to ensure freshness and quality. From sourcing to decaffeination, every step is executed with precision and dedication to deliver a decaf coffee that surpasses expectations in taste.
So, why should you care about decaf? Because it's not just about caffeine; it's about consistently enjoying a cup of coffee. 

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