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Bootlegger Coffee | MOCCAMASTER COMBO


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This combo includes a 1kg bag of Bootlegger Filter Coffee so you can enjoy your new machine as soon as you receive it.

The MoccaMaster KBG 741 is a top-notch 10-cup coffee maker that offers a delightful brewing experience. Here are some of its key features:

  1. New Filter Basket with Auto-Stop Feature:

    • Enhances brewing control and convenience.
  2. New Auto-Off Heating Plate:

    • Ensures safety by automatically turning off the heating plate.
  3. Stainless Steel Thermo Jug:

    • Provides durability and helps in keeping the coffee warm.
  4. 9-Hole Sprayhead:

    • Ensures even wetting of grounds for optimal extraction.
  5. Visible Scale Indication:

    • Allows for easy monitoring of the water level.
  6. Copper Boiling Element with Double Safety Guard:

    • Ensures efficient and safe heating of water.
  7. Brew Time 5-6 Minutes:

    • Delivers a quick and efficient brewing process.
  8. Illuminated On/Off Switch with Brew Stop if Jug is Not in Place:

    • Offers user-friendly operation and safety features.
  9. Brews Up to 1.25L at a Time:

    • Ideal for serving multiple cups at once.

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