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Apollo 12 Automatic Bean-To-Cup Coffee Machine

Apollo 12 Automatic Bean-To-Cup Coffee Machine

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As one of the super commercial flagship models, Apollo 12 comes with a noble and elegant appearance with a high-efficiency output. The model meets the daily demand of corporate spaces of all sizes, VIP lounges, Guest Houses & convenient stores.

Key Features:

1. Daily Output:
- Elevate your coffee service with the InnovateBrew Pro, capable of delivering an impressive daily output ranging from 80 to 100 cups.

2. Bean Hopper Capacity:
- With a substantial bean hopper capacity of 800g, the InnovateBrew Pro ensures a steady supply of fresh coffee beans for consistent brewing.

3. Innovative Dual Water Pump System:
- Experience higher efficiency in drink output and reduced waiting times, thanks to the innovative dual water pump system incorporated into the InnovateBrew Pro.

4. Milk Temperature Adjuster:
- Achieve the perfect milk texture and temperature with the milk temperature adjuster on the foamer head, adding a layer of customization to your coffee experience.

5. 7” Vertical Touch Screen:
- Navigate through an array of beverage options with ease on the 7-inch vertical touch screen, providing a user-friendly interface for a seamless coffee selection process.

6. Ceramic Flat Burrs:
- The InnovateBrew Pro is equipped with ceramic flat burrs, ensuring efficient and consistent coffee grinding for a superior taste profile.

7. 2L Water Tank (Option to Upgrade to 8L):
- Enjoy the convenience of the 2L water tank included, with the added flexibility to upgrade to an 8L water tank for extended brewing sessions.

8. Plumbed-in Conversion Kit:
- For those seeking a permanent water supply solution, the InnovateBrew Pro offers a plumbed-in conversion kit, ensuring a continuous flow without the need for manual refilling.

9. Coffee Machine Dimensions:
- Choose the configuration that suits your space, with dimensions of 300x500x580 mm (WxDxH) for the 2L water tank version and 410x500x580 mm (WxDxH) for the 8L water tank version.

10. Coffee Machine Weight:
- Weighing in at 17.5kg (with 2L water tank) and 18kg (with 8L water tank), the InnovateBrew Pro strikes a balance between sturdiness and practicality.

In summary, the InnovateBrew Pro offers a comprehensive solution for high-volume coffee demands, combining innovation, versatility, and a customizable experience to meet the preferences of both baristas and coffee enthusiasts alike.

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